Zheng Lab

Precision Nutrition and Computational Medicine Lab (and hereinafter referred to as Zheng Lab) at Westlake University was founded by Dr. Ju-Sheng Zheng in 2018 when he joined the Westlake University as a Principal investigator. The main focus of the Zheng Lab is to disentangle the relationship between diet, nutrition and aging-related chronic diseases in human cohort studies using the cutting-edge multi-omics dataset, including, but not limited to, genomics, proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, and gut microbiome. Zheng Lab is also dedicated to developing novel strategies for integrating gut microbiome, machine learning methods and data collected from wearable devices into personalized nutrition.

Key Researches

1.Use multi-omics techniques (including nutrition biomarkers, genomics, metabolomics, microbiome and proteomics) to investigate the etiology of aging-related diseases, especially metabolic diseases, and examine the role of diet/nutrition for healthy aging.

2.Precision nutrition: using novel study design (n-of-1 clinical trial) or cutting-edge wearable device (such as continuous glucose monitoring) to explore individual’ personalized response to diet and nutrition in the Chinese populations.

3.Explore the interplay among diet, genetics and gut microbiome on the host metabolism and offspring birth outcomes among pregnant women (especially gestational diabetes patients); and investigate the relationship of prenatal risk factors and early infant feeding practice with growth pattern and adiposity among Chinese children.

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